Mystical Temples meets Modern Cool - What we love about Japan.

Japan is a mystical paradise. A place where trend-obsessed teenagers co-exist comfortably with cycling grannies. From ancient temples filled with intoxicating incense to high rise neon glowing jungles, Japan has something to satisfy all types of traveller. Whether your looking to find your inner-Zen in perfectly maintained exotic gardens, or dive in – head first – to Japan’s culinary expertise, you’re bound to find unforgettable travel experiences everywhere you look.

Japan has a unique cultural heritage that you can experience in one of the safest places in the world. With a population of 127 million smiling locals and around 24 million international tourists per year, you’d think this slender slice of land would have trouble coping with such a mass of people. But, like most things, Japan takes it all in its stride. The transport system is extremely efficient, the infrastructure is good everywhere and crime is practically non-existent. So to experience fashion conscious teen tribes, breathtaking natural beauty and a treasure trove of cultural highlights, Japan is a must for any bucket list.


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