Trains, Beaches and Curry with Rice - What we love about Sri Lanka.

Perched just above the equator, balmy, tropical Sri Lanka is a lush tropical paradise. Often overlooked by tourists, this small island packs a punch when it comes to travel experiences. From beautifully atmospheric ancient ruins to exotic temples with friendly and moving ceremonies, Sri Lanka delivers those moments that make you rave about a destination. The cool tea-growing mountainous areas are photographic perfection with the well-manicured tea plants creating a tapestry over the rolling hills. Cycling through the ancient capital of Polonnuwara was an authentic Sri Lankan experience we won’t soon forget. Everywhere you travel in Sri Lanka, this tiny country presents unforgettable scenery. From endless beaches to exquisite rice paddies, Sri Lanka has good reason to be proud of its natural beauty.

But delve just a little deeper under the surface and you’ll see that Sri Lanka is more than just a beauty queen. Recently divided by war, Sri Lankan’s are surprisingly friendly and welcoming. You can’t walk very far through a local town without seeing a smiling Sri Lankan waving hello at you. The charm of Sri Lanka was no more obvious than on their fantastic train rides. Apart from the delightful quaintness, a train journey in Sri Lanka takes you through some of the most beautiful landscapes you’ll find anywhere. But to really get a taste for Sri Lanka, you can’t go past their fantastic food. Lighter and more fragrant than their northern neighbour, Sri Lankan curries are a taste sensation. Combined with spicy coconut sambal and a multitude of other additions, a Sri Lankan curry is pure travel joy. Cheap, tasty and effortless. Much like Sri Lanka itself.



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