Seeking destinations with a rich cultural heritage, a mighty empire, or just valuable history lessons.

We are fascinated by the history underlying the culture of different countries. What is it that makes a people who they are? What explains their religious and spiritual beliefs? What experiences have given birth to their nation and formed their political traditions? We are fascinated, not just because of the interesting stories of times gone by, but because of the lessons history offers for today. Lessons that help us understand where our country, our race and our beliefs might be going.

We often search out destinations that we think will offer us these valuable lessons. Such as understanding the clash of empires and religion that has long been the staple of the Middle East. Or the story of the rise and fall of apartheid in South Africa. Or the complete destruction of once might Aztec cities in Mexico.

As we cycle around the ruins of lost cities and failed empires we often think, what might bring the end to our own time and our own way of life? And has it begun?


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