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We are Mark and Paul the faces behind Anywhere We Roam. Mark is an ex-banker and Paul a self-confessed coffee snob. After spending almost two decades working in the city of London, we decided it was time to pack our bags for new experiences.

We have always had a passion for travel and photography. Even when working with busy schedules and precious holiday time, we spent as often as possible heading off to far-flung destinations. Exploring what is unique and special about a travel destination. Uncovering the story behind its people, their culture, and their landscape. Learning valuable lessons that introduced us to new ideas and better ways to live.

So, we decided to abandon regular incomes and devote our time to this blog. To travel more and share our experiences.

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."


This blog contains the stories of our travels, the memories of the people and places we have visited, and the lessons we have learnt. You will find articles covering unique travel experiences and our own handcrafted itineraries. Giving you the practical tools to help you build your own unique travel experiences.

Discover what’s on our plate, in our cup, consuming our memories and fuelling our journeys. Explore where we got lost, found, walked a mountain or lazed by a beach; where we embarrassed each other, damaged a hire car, got drunk on 99-cent wine or sampled the finest drop. Where the mountains meet the ocean, the walking excellent, the culture intense, the history fascinating, the politics daunting and the beaches sublime.

We hope to inspire you with our passion for travel. To roam a little wider, experience more, and live your own unique travel experiences.



Variety is the spice of life and our passion for travel is our jungle curry. We pick a mix of different destinations and try a range of different travel experiences. But we often find certain themes run through our travel decisions. Themes that help define the type of travellers we are.

We immerse ourselves in a country and try not to bring too much of home with us. We try the local food, stay in local accommodation, and talk to local people. We embarrass ourselves trying the local language and try our luck on local transport.

We discover the uniqueness of a destination, sampling its different experiences at the right time. Whether that means getting up at sunrise for a self-drive safari or negotiating the tricky opening times of the historical sites, we always look for the best a place has to offer.

We unravel the political and cultural history that has shaped the people, their culture, and their environment. Uncovering these stories exposes us to their customs and ways of life. It raises our understanding of what has influenced their history and what motivates their present. It helps breaks down barriers between people and nations and introduces us to new ideas and better ways to live.

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We have an interest in wildlife and the challenges of their local habitat. Investigating these challenges reminds us we share the world with other creatures and helps us to better understand our place in that world.

We create spiritual moments at every opportunity. Whether on a fantastic walk through breathtaking scenery or lost on a remote road trip. Combining a series of fantastic experiences in one memorable day drives our passion for travel. Getting away from the day-to-day allows thoughts to become a little clearer and life a little more magical. A glass of wine helps too.

We embrace being both tourist and traveller, taking in popular sights and a heading into the unknown. Sometimes that means joining the throngs in a queue to get to a familiar postcard, other times that means early mornings and challenging travel through unfamiliar terrain, with no English and scant directions.

We aim to have great value for money experiences. We are not backpackers nor top end travellers. We are independent travellers who carefully balance time and money to have memorable travel experiences.

To find out more about our passion for travel and our unique travel experiences check out our ROAM page.






Sometimes the joy of travel begins when you first start flicking through the guidebooks, perusing travel blogs and planning the perfect break. Travel planning can often be a highlight of the whole experience.

But sometimes, working out how to fit all the sights together, finding the right travel connections and negotiating opening times, can be a challenge. Perhaps, if your inbox is full and your TODO list bursting at the seams, our itineraries can help with some of the heavy lifting.

All our itineraries contain an overview of the trip and a day-by-day breakdown of what to do and in which order, including travelling times, highlights, walking times, what you need to book in advance, and where to stay.

The itinerary is road tested by us although some revisions have been made based on what worked or what didn’t. Where we did something different to what we suggest in the itinerary, it’s mentioned in the Itinerary Amendments. At the end of each article, you’ll find some information to help get your trip underway.