We are Mark and Paul. Adventurous and curious; pursuers of great travel experiences.

We travel to destinations with a story to tell, seeking hidden gems, local specialities, off-the-beaten-track experiences and jaw-dropping natural scenery. We’re drawn to the historical and political context that has shaped the lives of people and framed their collective culture.

At Anywhere We Roam we provide detailed information, location guides and local insights to help travellers experience more adventurous destinations; to help them understand community, to relish culture and gain a unique and memorable travel perspective.

In doing so, we hope to foster a richer understanding of others and build a better world, one journey at a time.

Here’s a bit more about us.

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I was born and raised in a small sheep farming community in Australia, called Byaduk. With a population of 40 people, most of the town were our family.

Escaping my destiny as a sheep farmer, I moved to London in 2008 where I worked as a change manager specialising mostly in organisational design. But, with a desire to travel too strong, I quit my job in 2016 to focus on other things.

I’m a self-confessed coffee snob, play the piano occasionally, and take most of the photos for this blog. My ideal restaurant would have no menu at all, chocolate is my weakness and I can spend hours fixing a microscopic spacing issue on this site. I think LA is actually OK.


I was born in Luton and raised in the commuter districts of London. I found my way into investment banking and had a birds eye view as the financial system crashed around me.

After 20 years in the markets, I headed back to school and completed a Masters in Philosophy and Public Policy, before working for organisations trying to improve the lives of the poorest people on the planet.

I love to swim, especially in the wild. I get unseemly pleasure from a good map, muddy hiking boots, a warm fire, cold beer and the government’s budget telecast. Spontaneity is a carefully planned exercise. I pretend to care about good coffee.


What do two London based travel bloggers get up to in addition to producing travel? Find out what we’ve been up to, where we’ve been and where we’re going next. Enjoy the occasional travel-related gem from across the web and find out what’s coming up on the blog.

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We like to immerse ourselves in a destination and see as much as possible; eating local food, trying out local bars and learning a few phrases in the local language. Hop on hop off buses terrify us.

We’re not slow travellers.

We’re a little bit adventurous, but not too much. We’ll self-drive through remote places, plan long complicated walks and get off the beaten track. But we like a hot shower at the end of the day and an actual bed. We search for adventures, sights and experiences that may or may not be a bust.

We’re not naturally spontaneous.

We plan well for experiences we think we might enjoy, making sure we’re at the right place at the right time with the right equipment. Our itineraries reflect this level of detail.

We can be spontaneous if it’s planned well in advance.

Value is an important consideration for us to enjoy an experience. Spending £20 on a cocktail is just not fun. Spending £1 on a local beer in some undiscovered location is what travel is all about. If we think something is going to deliver a great experience we’ll splash out – like this Sabi Sands experience – but generally, we don’t get our kicks from expensive hotels.

Human stories provide the most interest. For us, understanding the political landscape that has shaped a culture along with their historical heritage is critical to feeling like we’ve really travelled somewhere.

We like to learn something about ourselves from a destination.

We never engage in tacky tourist traps like cuddling tiger’s or riding elephants, but we love being a tourist when the time is right – like this touristy joy in Sri Lanka.

So join us where we journey; where the culture is intense, the history fascinating, the politics daunting and the people engaging.

Join us everywhere and anywhere we roam.


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