Anywhere We Roam is a collection of travel articles designed to help you get the most out of your travel. We aim to craft the perfect itinerary so that everything just works. So we’re capturing the view in time for sunrise and relaxing with a beer in hand in time for sunset. We’re on a kayak where the dolphins are known to be playing, catching the ferry as the sun lights up the fjord, watching the northern lights free of bus groups. We’re sampling the hits and misses of travel dining, trying the local street food from the famous vendor. We’re at the winery for the festival and the rooftop bar for happy hour.

We’ve tried and tested our itineraries, we’ve explored some amazing places. Now, we want to make it easier for independent travellers to build up those impossible to forget travel experiences. We hope you can pick up one of our itineraries and know you’ll be getting a great trip.


All our itineraries contain an overview of the trip and a day-by-day breakdown of what to do and in which order, including travelling times, highlights, walking times, what you need to book in advance, and where to stay. We cover what we think you should do having done the trip, which we have revised in some cases, based on what worked or what didn’t. Usually, this is where we think we stayed somewhere too long or not long enough, or couldn’t do something because of the weather. Where we did something different to what we suggest in the itinerary, it’s mentioned in the Itinerary Amendments.

At the end of each article, you’ll find some information to help get your trip underway.


Any changes we made to the trip and suggestions for how the itinerary could be modified if you have more or less time.


The guidebooks we used along with some suggested reading to help get you excited about your upcoming trip.


A list of everything you need to do to prepare for your trip, including activities that require pre-booking.


The hotels we stayed in with the number of nights you need to book, and links to check prices and availability.


Our travel articles are the stories behind the itineraries. The extra detail about our experiences. What we loved or didn’t love, what we learnt along the way, who we encountered and our ultimate travel highlights. Read about what’s on our plate, in our cup, consuming our memories and fuelling our journeys. Discover where we got lost, found, walked a mountain or lazed by a beach; where we embarrassed each other, damaged a hire car, got drunk on 99-cent wine or sampled the finest drop. Where the mountain meets the ocean, the walking is excellent, the culture intense, the history fascinating, the politics daunting and the beaches sublime.

Hear the stories behind our favourite photos, where we took them and how we edited them. Find our travel tips and tools, our currency suggestions and our reviews. Have a read and go see the world.


We are two independent travellers who believe that while it’s great to get off the beaten track, tourist isn’t a dirty word. Travel is about doing the things you’re supposed to do in a particular location. Whether that’s walking to the top of a mountain, understanding the political backstory, seeing the iconic monuments or doing nothing on the beach. It’s about experiencing what your destination is good at. Is it the innovative dining scene, the local wines, the unrecognisable street food or the local beer? Are you there to ogle at the amazing scenery, spot the local wildlife or take a long hike through amazing country paths?

We like to organise our travel so we’re seeing and experiencing everything we want to see. Sometimes that means joining the throngs in a queue to get to a familiar postcard, other times that means early mornings and challenging travel through unfamiliar terrain, no English and scant directions.

We have a particular interest in politics, walking holidays and culture. One of us is a self-confessed coffee snob.


Mark is an ex-banker; a politically interested, historically fascinated Brit who loves walking. He is the maker of itineraries and believes in unbridled spontaneity within a well-structured plan


Paul is a coffee loving Aussie, main holiday photographer, hotel and restaurant researcher, and builder of website. He joins Mark on walks but doesn’t like the 6 am starts on holiday