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We are Mark and Paul, two travellers in pursuit of adventure.

We travel to destinations with a story to tell, seeking hidden gems, local specialities, off-the-beaten-track experiences, and jaw-dropping natural scenery. We’re drawn to the historical and political context that has shaped the lives of people and framed their collective culture.

Our goal is to build a community of independent travellers seeking to unlock richer travel experiences; helping the curious discover less-visited places in popular destinations, and rewarding adventures in more remote locations.

In doing so, we hope to make travel more sustainable, accessible, and a whole lot of fun.

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After travelling more and more to escape our day jobs, we soon realised that seeing the world and experiencing new cultures was the pursuit, not the escape. Eventually, we abandoned our regular jobs to focus on our passion: seeing the world and making it easier for others to do so as well.

Anywhere We Roam was born out of our desire to share our experiences around the globe. To make popular destinations more rewarding and off-the-beaten-track places more accessible. To give people the confidence to travel, the information to make it easy and the inspiration to make it happen.

We love storytelling, both written and visual. We can’t say no to a good hike, a decent coffee, a craft beer, superb scenery or a well-used map. We love historical cities, a wild swim, the budget telecast and cultures other than our own.


George Bernard Shaw said, “I dislike feeling at home when I’m abroad” and we completely agree. For us, travel is about immersing ourselves in a destination and seeing as much as possible; eating local food, trying out local bars and learning a few phrases in the local language.

We’re curious and adventurous. We’ll take off on a road trip, plan long stunning walks and get off the beaten track, but we like a hot shower at the end of the day.

Understanding the political landscape that has shaped a culture along with their historical heritage is critical to feeling like we’ve really travelled somewhere. Learning about other people’s lives teaches us valuable lessons about our own, making us grateful for having one of the best jobs in travel.

We travel as sustainably as possible, aiming to leave a light footprint on the ground, and a smile on the faces of people we meet.


Everything on our blog is our personal experience. We try a lot of things, do a lot of research, make a lot of mistakes, and see some duds.

The purpose of this is to provide carefully curated content. No endless lists or places lacking imagination. All our travel recommendations are tried and tested; experiences we are passionate about.

We bring these experiences to life through our storytelling; finessed into carefully crafted guides supported by beautiful photography.

On the blog and on our social media, we reach beyond traditional guides to provide thoughtful, well-researched evergreen content that helps our readers travel better, more responsibly, and in greater depth while having a whole lot of fun.


We were thrilled to be named Blogger of the Year at the British Guild of Travel Writers (2022), the TravMedia Awards (2021), the Blogosphere Awards (2021) and at the Travel Media Awards (2020).

We picked up the Best Web Design / User Experience award at the Traverse Creator Awards (2021) and the bronze medal in the British Travel Awards (2020). Our article on the Jurassic Coast won silver in the Visit England Excellence Awards 2019, and we have been nominated for Webby Awards in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Our travel writing and photography have appeared Lonely Planet, Gestalten’s Wanderlust Europe and Suitcase Magazine.

We were also thrilled to be included on Bucketlistly and Expert Vagabond‘s round-up of their favorite travel blogs and on the detail.com 50 Best Travel Blogs.



Finalist – Travel Website of the Year | TravMedia Awards


Bronze – Travel Content | VisitEngland Excellence Awards

Finalist – Blogger of the Year | TravMedia Awards


Winner – Blog Post of the Year & Blogger of the Year | British Guild of Travel Writers

Finalist – Blogger of the Year | Travel Media Awards


Winner – Blogger of the Year | TravMedia Awards

Winner – Best Web Design & UX | Traverse Creator Awards

Winner – Blogger of the Year | Blogosphere Awards

Shortlist – Best Epic Imagery and Best Photography Piece | Traverse Creator Awards

Nominee – Best Blog | Webby Awards


Winner – Blogger of the Year | Travel Media Awards

Bronze – Best Travel Blog | British Travel Awards + Teletext Holidays

Finalist – Travel Blogger and Travel Blog Post of the Year | British Guild of Travel Writers

Gold Winner – Travel Websites | w3 Awards

Winner – Best Cultural Travel Blog | Teletext Holidays + British Travel Awards

Silver – Travel Content Award | Visit England Excellence Awards

Nominee – Best Blog | Webby Awards

Winner – Best Travel Blog | Greater London Enterprise Awards

Winner – Travel Blog of the Year | Luxlife Magazine


Nominee – Best Opinion Piece | Traverse-19 Creator Awards

Winner – Best Travel Blog | UK Blog Awards


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