Know the type of travel experience you’re after but looking for inspiration about where to achieve it?

From a good old fashion road trip to rewarding and memorable hikes; long days searching for elusive wildlife to uncovering the heartbeat of a city, explore the type of travel we love and write about.

Checkout some ideas in each section below.

Dig beneath the surface, finding stories of how power, politics and belief has profoundly shaped the culture people find themselves living in — CURIOUS

Find a city with an edge. A quirky neighbourhood, an underground art scene, a historically fascinating core or a sleek modern metropolis — CITIES

Stand on the top of a mountain, skirt dusty trails in rocky canyons, marvel at alpine scenery, and find a hike to make your soul sing — HIKING

Find a unique way to step outside your comfort zone. Mountain passes, wild swimming, and other mildly adventurous travel activities — ADVENTURES

From mountain tops summits to canyon depths; coastal cliffs to desolate deserts, get inspired by jaw-dropping natural landscapes — SCENERY

Feel the joy of crossing wide-open spaces, the freedom of the road and the flexibility of being where you want, when you want  — ROAD TRIPS

Take a ring-side seat at cool Britainia. From ancient towns to breathtaking coastlines, there’s a short break in Britain to delight mind and soul  — UK BREAKS

Scan horizons for gently ruffling foliage, bracing with the anticipation of your next great wildlife spotting. The animal kingdom awaits — WILDLIFE