Anywhere We Roam Photo Journal/ Israel Highlights

Our Israel photo journal featuring our favourite snaps of crumbling old towns, Jewish monuments and the discovery of well known Christian sites, torn by the whim of many masters.

7 day Israel itinerary Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem to Bethlehem
Into the West Bank on a Jerusalem to Bethlehem Day Trip

A day trip from Jerusalem to Bethlehem is a great way to get into the West Bank and explore some great sites. Here is what you need to know.

holy sites of Christianity
Exploring the Holy Sites of Christianity in Jerusalem

Exploring the holy sites of Christianity in Jerusalem taught us a valuable lesson in the power and wealth of religion and empire. Here's what we learnt in this intriguing city.

Jerusalem Walking Tour of Jewish History
6 most fascinating ancient Jewish Sites in Jerusalem

Our pick of the 6 most fascinating ancient Jewish Sites in Jerusalem, that help to explain the remarkable history of the Jewish people.

7 Day Israel Itinerary
7 Day Israel Itinerary – Jerusalem to Tel Aviv

Our 7 day Israel Itinerary uncovers the amazing history of Jerusalem, as well as hipster-cool Tel Aviv. Here is all you need to know.