It’s that time of year again. The streets of London are set to be transformed into festive centres where fat sausage sits side by side with crafty street food. Here is the full list of the London Christmas Markets opening times for 2023/2024.

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Get ready for a festive extravaganza.

London’s Christmas markets are a delightful mix of food, booze, tacky gifts, and artisanal treats.

Stroll historic cobbled lanes while warming the soul with a mulled wine. Immerse yourself in Christmas under the gaze of iconic landmarks. Soak up the crafty side of London.

Here is the full list of the opening dates for the markets. For our detailed review of the best, read our guide to the most festive London Christmas Markets.

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Trafalgar Square10 Nov 20237 Jan 2024
Leicester Square8 Nov 20237 Jan 2024
Covent Garden7 Nov 2023TBC
Southbank28 Oct 20234 Jan 2024
London Bridge14 Nov 20231 Jan 2024
Borough Market28 Nov 202331 Dec 2023
Spitalfields15 Nov 202324 Nov 2023
Columbia Road (Wednesday)26 Nov 202320 Dec 2024
Hampton Court1-3 Dec 20238-10 Dec 2023
Winter Wonderland17 Nov 20231 Jan 2024
King’s Cross9 Nov 202323 Dec 2023
Maltby Street (Friday)1 Dec 202315 Dec 2023
Fleet Street5 Dec 20237 Dec 2023
Kingston16 Nov 202331 Dec 2023
Greenwich15 Nov 2023TBC
Camdenearly Nov (TBC)TBC
Pexmas2 Dec 20233 Dec 2023


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