Fascinating History & A Mix of Cultures - What we love about Israel.

There are not many places that can boast the amount of history that Israel contains. With the three major Abrahamic Religions fighting for sacred land for millennia, it overflows with passion. From the highly contested temple mount area to the most sought-after burial sites, Israel is one intriguing site after another. The ancient walls of Jerusalem tell a story that seems long forgotten in the shiny bubble that is Tel Aviv. A trip into the Bethlehem– through the divide that is the West Bank Barrier – will find you surrounded by welcoming Palestinians and a relaxed, crumbling old town.

Israel is one place that left its mark on us more than anywhere else. With the huge amount of historical places to uncover, the fascination of seeing old biblical sites up close and the impact of a people divided by religion and politics, it’s no wonder Israel has such allure.



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