Vibrant Towns and Stunning Beaches - What we love about Mexico.

Mexico has a vibrancy and energy that hits you the minute you arrive. People crowd the busy streets lining up for tacos from a local stand, kids roam the squares causing mischief and playing blissfully without the need of a device or smartphone, and women sell their crafts with two kids in toe. Yet despite the colour and chaos of Mexico is runs at a very slow pace, operating on no particular timetable with no apparent need to fit the 9 to 5 schedule. They’re political and artistic, debating the state of their country – yet remaining fiercely proud – while listening to local buskers working the crowds like musical aficionados.

There’s a lot to explore in Mexico for whatever type of adventure you’re looking for. Whether it’s mixing it up with local hill tribes in the cool mountains of Chiapas, lazing on a beach on the Pacific coast watching the sunset in majestic glory, or being a proper tourist on the Yucatán Peninsula. There something you’ll love about Mexico, you just need to know where to find it.



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