Dramatic Fjords and Tasty Sandwiches - What we love about Norway.

Norway is like that girl at school everyone was jealous of. Long slender figure, impossible beauty, peaceful and content with life, yet possessing an unmissable wild side and thirst for adventure. You wanted to hate her but her warm personality and small-town charm made it near impossible. If that wasn’t enough, thanks to a prosperous oil discovery, she’s loaded as well.

Such is the life of countries comparing themselves to Norway. With dramatic mountains pouring into the oceans along its 25,000 kilometres of coastline, the vibrant, proud culture of its small towns and cities, and the excellent infrastructure, its little wonder Norway attracts around 8 million tourists per year. Yet remarkably, driving along the barren and rugged Sognefjellet National Route – the roof of Europe – feels so remote it’s like you’re discovering it for the first time. And discovering is what Norway is all about, whether it’s remote farms precariously perched high above the fjord, or world-class art galleries in small cosmopolitan cities, Norway is an alluring destination from start to finish.


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