Wherever we go, we try to dig beneath the surface of a destination and find the stories that lurk there. Stories that tell the tale of how power, politics and beliefs have profoundly influenced peoples’ lives.

In Córdoba, we learnt about an enlightened Islamic Caliphate in the darkness of the middle ages. In Jerusalem, we saw the impact religion and empire had on churches, synagogues and mosques. In Cape Town, we found townships still struggling to recover from the government policies of 20 years ago. And in Namibia, we witnessed the challenge of helping both wildlife and the rural poor.

Travel forces you to confront the world. It’s not always easy. Often, the realities of someone else’s existence make us question our own, but in doing so it has taught us lessons for our own lives.


Ancient ruins in Mexico
Uncovering Mesoamerican history through the ancient ruins in Mexico

The towering pyramids, temples and palaces of the ancient ruins in Mexico, are magnificent monuments to the story of the Mesoamerican people.

Namibia Wildlife Conservation
Trophy hunting & Namibia’s wildlife conservation challenge

Namibia’s rural farmers lose their livelihood when wildlife kill their livestock. But should Trophy Hunting be part of the solution?

Langa Township Tour in Cape Town
Should you take a Langa Township Tour in Cape Town?

Every tourist should take a Langa Township Tour in Cape Town. Here is all you need to know and what you might learn from this experience.

Things to do in Istanbul
Uncovering Istanbul’s mighty past & uncertain future

Istanbul has been one of the most important cities in world history. But we soon discovered its uncertain future was just as fascinating.

Moorish sites in Córdoba Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba.
Uncovering an Islamic Caliphate through the Moorish Sites in Córdoba

The Moorish sites in Córdoba tell the story of the only Islamic Caliphate to rule from western Europe; one that yearned for scientific advancement and spread knowledge across backward Christian empires.

holy sites of Christianity
Christian sites in Jerusalem – Dishevelled and intriguing

Exploring the holy Christian sites in Jerusalem taught us a valuable lesson in the power and wealth of religion and empire. Here's what we learnt in this intriguing city.