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Medieval cities and rugged landscapes

Although only a short flight from Europe, Morocco is a different world. Its cities overlooked by mosques and minarets are packed with mazy markets and middle eastern spices. In Fez, we explored one of the finest inhabited medieval cities in the world, whereas Marrakech melded old souks with fine new restaurants and lively squares.

Yet in contrast to its bustling cities, our road trip uncovered a slower more beautiful Morocco. Of rural Berber villages, towering Atlas mountains, gorges of red rock and Saharan dunes under starry skies.

guided walking tour Fez medina
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From enticing local traditions and energetic tourist haunts to atmospheric souks and superb scenery, Morocco has a variety of experiences designed to be an assault on the senses. Here are some of our favourites.

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Need help pulling it all together? Our Morocco itinerary contains a detailed day by day breakdown of what to do, how to do it and all the costs of our 10-day road trip around this fascinating and beautiful country.

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