Intriguing cities and exotic landscapes - What we love about Morocco.

Morocco holds an enduring fascination that few other countries can compete with. It’s a country that, while only a few hours from Europe, appears rooted in its mediaeval existence. In the souks in Marrakesh and Fes, it’s not uncommon to see women carrying live chickens home for dinner. The ancient medinas are crammed with ancient donkey’s carrying ancient goods to their ancient destination. Locals sit in squares sipping coffee watching the world go by, probably wondering what the tourists are so intrigued with.

But there’s so much to be intrigued with. From atmospheric temples to exquisite hidden gardens to bustling night markets. A place where fortune tellers predict your future and Berbers entertain you with their stories. Snake charmers terrify tourists before henna artists decorate their skin. Outside the towns, the landscape comes alive with the golden orange hues of the Saharan Desert. The High Atlas Mountains compete for attention with the depths of the Dade’s valley as the road curves past rivers lined with lush green oasis. So grab a mint tea, abandon your western driving etiquette and prepare to be enchanted by Morocco.



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