2 days in Cordoba Itinerary
2 days in Córdoba – Our complete itinerary

Here's how to spend 1 or 2 days in Córdoba, marvelling at the Mezquita-Catedral and strolling beautiful patio-filled streets.

Moorish sites in Córdoba Mezquita-Catedral, free things to do in Córdoba
Mezquita tickets & other free things to do in Córdoba

Córdoba allows you to see many of its sights for absolutely nothing. Here's our pick of the best free things to do in Córdoba.

moorish sites in cordoba
An Islamic Caliphate in the Moorish Sites of Córdoba

The Moorish sites in Córdoba tell the story of the only Islamic Caliphate to rule from western Europe; one that yearned for scientific advancement and spread knowledge across backward Christian empires.

Alcázar of the Christian Monarchs Patios of Córdoba
Palacio de Viana and the gorgeous patios of Córdoba

There are over 50 patios of Córdoba, tucked in alleyways and backstreets. Here is our pick of the patios you definitely should not miss.