Complex history and local stories

Since the Spanish tried to whiten the population in the colonial years, Cuba has been a melting pot of cultural influences. African slaves were imported to undertake the backbreaking work in the sugar fields. Then, a cheap Chinese workforce was sent in to replace them when slavery was abolished in 1866.

Fidel Castro’s revolution flung Cuba on to the world stage. This pint-sized island on the edge of the Caribbean was suddenly dealing with 2 nuclear superpowers and saw off 9 US presidents. The legacy of Fidel and Che Guevara are still very much present when you travel around Cuba today.

But today Cuba is a unique place. Years of Soviet funded political ideology created a strong- if slightly confusing – sense of national identity. Soviet, American, Spanish, Caribbean and African influences fuse together to create a fascinating, immersive place to visit.

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Why go to Cuba?

Crumbling colonial towns, beautiful hiking scenery and the persistent quirks of a country holding on to their communist ideals makes, Cuba a fascinating destination full of unique experiences.


How to experience Cuba

Need help pulling it all together? Our Cuba itinerary contains a detailed day by day breakdown of what to do, how to do it and all the costs of our 2-week excursion around the island.