Dust off your bucket list with our guide to the best places to visit in 2024. We cover the hottest trends, the newest openings, and some perennial favourites to help you decide where to go in 2024.  

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In 2023 travel had a reawakening. In 2024, it promises to reignite our wanderlust like never before.

Research shows that 27% of people plan to spend more on travel in 2024 than they did in 2023.

The hottest travel trends for 2024 are all about incorporating a personal interest into your travel plans. Heading abroad to see your favourite artist, visiting a city based on a solid restaurant recommendation or traveling for a sports event are popular ways to decide where to go in 2024.

We’ve put together our list of the best places to travel to in 2024. We cover the foodies, the adventure-lovers, the hikers, the budget-seekers, and many more.

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France is blessed with iconic monuments, pretty villages, glorious countryside, and some of the best beaches in Europe. The capital remains an eternal favourite for people who love romance, art, and history.

However, in 2024 Paris will shine even brighter. The Summer Olympics will be held from July 26 to August 11 and they’re sure to add further energy to an already vibrant city. In an Olympics first, the opening ceremony will take place on the Seine, meaning free admission for more spectators than in previous years.

Find all the best things to do in Paris during your visit.

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The raw and unspoiled landscapes of Namibia offer an unparalleled experience for meaningful travel. From the otherworldly dunes of the Namib Desert to the wildlife-rich Etosha National Park, the country boasts an abundance of natural wonders.

As sustainability becomes an increasingly important feature of our lives, Namibia is a great place to visit in 2024. Mix unique nature encounters with people who have changed their lives to tackle conservation issues.

Our 2-week Namibia itinerary covers the best of this fascinating country.

Things to do in Namibia


Bangkok is a chaotic city with a romantic mix of old and new. Ancient temples and floating markets provide a glimpse into a bygone era; rooftop bars, bargain shopping, and a heady club scene indulge your hedonistic side.

It’s the city’s dining prowess that makes it an excellent destination for 2024. There are 6 new Michelin-starred restaurants that are worth checking out. Unique to the high-end dining scene, Michelin restaurants in Bangkok can often represent great value for money.

The new one Michelin star restaurants are: Indee Bangkok, Samrub Samrub Thai, Resonance Bangkok, Nawa, Mia and Wana Yook.

We can help you put your trip together with our 3-day Bangkok itinerary.


Scarred by a thin crust, Iceland is a landscape dotted with geological weirdness. Rivers of boiling grey mud cut through golden tree-less valleys, sulphur vents sprout steam like a giant atmospheric smoke machine and colourful mountain ranges brighten up gloomy arctic days.

We love Iceland and we’ve visited many times. But the recent volcano eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula could provide a unique travel experience for 2024.

There’s already great hiking opportunities around the old Fagradalsfjall volcano site, and when deemed safe to see, the current volcanic eruption could be an awesome thing to witness.

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Sigöldugljúfur canyon iceland


As the centre of hedonistic pleasures, Las Vegas is what you make of it. Party all weekend, enjoy mind-blowing architecture or visit off-the-strip, local attractions.

Las Vegas is great to visit any year, but there are a few extra reasons to go in 2024. The Sphere is Sin City’s newest attraction. Standing at over 360ft tall, this music and entertainment venue features a high-definition wraparound video wall creating a unique virtual environment. 

Fontainebleau is the newest luxury hotel in Vegas. At 56 stories, it’s the tallest building in the city with a vibe reminiscent of the South Florida nightlight scene.

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Things to do in Las Vegas


Nestled in the Swiss Alps, Zermatt is a picturesque village located at the foot of the Matterhorn, one of the most iconic mountains in the world. It has some of the best hiking in Switzerland, with scenic cable car rides that whisk you to dramatic alpine landscapes.

None are more spectacular than the Matterhorn Alpine Crossing which opened last year. This new high-tech cable car can take you from Zermatt all the way to Cervinia in Italy.

Along the way, take in unparalleled views of the mountains and ski in a high-alpine wonderland, 365 days of the year.

Read more in our guide to the best things to do in Zermatt.

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As a major cultural capital of Europe, Madrid is always a great destination for a weekend break. The Prado, the Thyssen-Bornemisza, and the Reina Sofía, are 3 of the most renowned art galleries in Europe.

Madrid continues to be an excellent place to visit in 2024. Gastro Festival celebrates the culinary diversity of the city, the Madrid Flamenco Festival in May will showcase singing and dance, and the Mad Cool Festival will feature some of the biggest artists from across the globe.

Read what you can get up to in our guide to the best things to do in Madrid.

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Located on an idyllic stretch of coastline on the Turkish Riviera, Antalya has been enticing visitors since the Pergamon kings bequeathed their empire to the Romans.

Blessed with a well-preserved old town, evocative ancient ruins, golden beaches, and 300 days of sun a year, Antalya is fast becoming a sought-after holiday destination.

It’s also a very cost-effective place to go in 2024, where you can find a high-quality resort with all the facilities at a very affordable price. In fact, prices in Antalya have dropped an estimated 12%. 

Read about the cool things to do in Antalya.

Best things to do in Antalya Turkey


In recent decades, few cities have seen as much change as Singapore. Transformed from a colonial outpost to a garden city at the heart of Asia, Singapore’s journey has been remarkable. It’s a fantastic city stopover with a diverse culture, a healthy obsession with food and the most green spaces of any other city.

The recently opened Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience is a magical family-friendly attraction. The new Rainforest Park is also due to open in 2024. The 2 hectare park will feature a lush rainforest, a 25-meter suspension bridge and a canopy walk.

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Things to do in Singapore


Wales is famous for rugged coastlines, mountain regions, historic castles, rugby and sheep. But it’s also developing a sturdy reputation for single malt whisky.

Five distilleries have now been awarded a geographical indication for single malt whisky. They are Penderyn, In The Welsh Wind, Da Mhile, Coles and the new addition in late 2023, Aber Falls.  

Now is a great time to enjoy a bracing coastal walk in Pembrokeshire, or the charming colourful town of Tenby and finish the day with a quality tipple.

things to do pembrokeshire 36


Istanbul is one of our favourite cities in Europe. Soak up the vibrancy of this important historical centre while admiring sublime art, cool neighbourhoods, local restaurants, and friendly Turkish culture. We’ve covered all our favourite things to do in Istanbul here, but there is one excellent reason to visit in 2024.

Istanbul Modern opened in May 2023 after an 8-year refurbishment. The new location on the banks of the Bosporus is an architectural marvel and the perfect venue for the gallery’s incredible collection of modern art.

Put your trip together with our Istanbul itinerary.

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The Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico is best known for its pristine beaches luring party-savvy visitors for a cocktail-infused break in the sun.

But it’s also rich in cultural interest with amazing Aztec and Mayan Ruins showcasing the region’s historic significance. Witness the impressive Chichén Itzá or the jungle-clad Coba ruins.

In 2024, you may be able to experience one of the region’s newest, yet oldest attractions. Ocomtún is a lost Mayan city that was only discovered in June 2023. It’s still being unearthed but has sparked a renewed interest in Mexico’s historical ruins.

If you’d like to tackle more of the country, read our 2-week Mexico itinerary.

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As the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence continues to enchant visitors with its artistic treasures and architectural marvels. But Florence is also a city of today. A thirst for culture exists in crafty cocktail bars and aging tavernas. In unassuming chapels with era-defining art and quiet streets with humble restaurants.

In 2024, there are plenty of great reasons to go. Attend the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Festival, the oldest in Italy. Dress up for the medieval fantasy event, Vinci Unicorn Festival, or shop at the BIAF Antiques Biennial.

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The duomo of Florence from between trees


After their historic performance in the World Cup, there’s been a renewed interest in going to Morocco. But the devastating earthquake in 2023 is probably the most important reason to visit this fascinating country.

Many of the areas impacted by the earthquake in the Atlas Mountains rely on tourism and visiting in 2024 is one of the best ways to support the recovery efforts.

In addition to doing some good, you’ll enjoy the enchanting hospitality of the Moroccan people and visit some incredible places.

Read about the best places to visit in Morocco to start planning your trip.



Japan has a harmonious blend of ancient traditions and modern technology. From the beautiful temples and gardens to the energy of Tokyo and Osaka, Japan is a cool place to visit.

Over the last two years, the Japanese currency has weakened over 30% against the US dollar. Inflation remains low compared to other countries, so prices have barely risen.  

Japan is a surprisingly great value destination for 2024.

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