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Superb hiking and enthralling history

There are few places in the world that evoke more wanderlust than Italy. From rock-star coastlines to towering mountain peaks; crowded, important cities to forgotten hilltop villages, Italy has landscapes as rich and varied as its culture. With a history that shaped the world, more Unesco sites than anywhere else and a greedy stash of art, this is a place worth visiting.

We’ve hiked the mountains of the Dolomites, wandered the halls of mesmerising galleries and road tripped through Tuscan villages. Yet, there’s always a surprise or two waiting in Italy.

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Lined with charming villages and handsome villas, Lake Como is a glamorous escape in the foothills of the beautiful Italian Alps.

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Bologna is a self-assured city with a medieval history and a young edgy vibe that welcomes visitors in moody wine bars hidden under the golden glow of its famous porticoes.