Volcanic wonderland and 4x4 adventures

So much more than the awesome spectacle of the Northern Lights, Iceland is a fantastic summer destination. Scarred by a very thin crust, Iceland is a landscape dotted with geological weirdness. Rivers of boiling grey mud cut through golden tree-less valleys, sulphur vents sprout steam like a giant atmospheric smoke-machine and colourful mountain ranges brighten up gloomy arctic days. As a hiker’s paradise, Iceland even provides natural hot swimming pools to relax aching bones.

For the more adventurous, Iceland’s inhospitable highland interior provides the challenge of truly getting off the beaten track. Bouncing along very unkempt “roads,” crossing rivers and navigating slippery sand is all part of the journey-over-destination ethos. But with eye-wateringly-high prices you need to be well planned, so read on for all our Iceland travelling tips and advice.


Why go to Iceland?

Iceland has a geological uniqueness unlike any other. With bubbling mud pots, steaming rivers and colourful mountains it’s a winner when it comes to outdoor activities. Here’s some inspiration to visit.


How to experience Iceland

Need help pulling it all together? Our 10-day Iceland itinerary contains a detailed day by day breakdown of what to do, how to do it plus some tips for making your road trip a breeze.