Volcanic wonderland and 4x4 adventures  – What we love about Iceland.

So much more than the awesome spectacle of the Northern Lights, Iceland is a fantastic summer destination. Scarred by a very thin crust, Iceland is a landscape dotted with geological weirdness. Rivers of boiling grey mud cut through golden tree-less valleys, sulphur vents sprout steam like a giant atmospheric smoke-machine and colourful mountain ranges brighten up gloomy arctic days. As a hiker’s paradise, Iceland even provides natural hot swimming pools to relax aching bones.

For the more adventurous, Iceland’s inhospitable highland interior provides the challenge of truly getting off the beaten track. Bouncing along very unkempt “roads,” crossing rivers and navigating slippery sand is all part of the journey-over-destination ethos. But with eye-wateringly-high prices you need to be well planned, so read on for all our Iceland travelling tips and advice.



10 day iceland itinerary
10-day Iceland Itinerary – Summer on the Ring Road and Highlands

Our 10-day Iceland Itinerary uncovers what makes Iceland unique; exploring the Ring Road with semi-adventurous day trips into the Highlands.

4X4 rental on F roads in Iceland
Is a 4X4 Adventure on the F-Roads in Iceland for you?

Driving the F-Roads in Iceland offers amazing scenery, well off the beaten track, but presents some challenges. Is this 4X4 rental adventure for you?

Best things to do in Iceland. Iceland's hidden gems
Our top experiences in Iceland

Our pick of the best things to do in Iceland that showcase its geological uniqueness and uncover some of the countries hidden gems.

landmannalaugar hike; landmannalaugar day hike
4X4 self-driving Landmannalaugar day trip & hike

Our 4X4 self-driving Landmannalaugar day trip is the perfect way to see the best of Iceland. Here is what you need to know.

Driving to Askja Caldera Iceland
Semi-adventurous day driving to Askja Caldera

Driving to Askja Caldera in Iceland is a challenging yet simply stunning day trip into the highlands. Here is all you need to know.

Kerlingarfjoll hike
Hiking in Kerlingarfjöll and Hveradalir day trip

A self-drive 4x4 day trip into the highlands for amazing hiking in Kerlingarfjöll and Hveradalir was the highlight of our trip to Iceland.