The joy of crossing wide open spaces, the freedom to be where you want, when you want.

We love a good road trip. The feeling of wind in our receding hair. The joy of crossing wide open spaces all on our own. The freedom to be where we want, when we want, following our own itinerary. A well-crafted road trip enables us to capture that classic sunrise/sunset photo, beat the crowds at that packed tourist destination, and generally pile as much into each day as we can.

Of course, it can bring its own stresses and often costs a bit more, but for us, it’s a great way to see all a country has to offer. We have spent a month on the dreadful roads of Mexico, 3 weeks exploring the coast and safari parks of South Africa and many days exploring the Middle East destinations of Jordan, Morocco and Turkey. We got lost, had some punctures and some punch-ups (not really). But we also had many remarkable experiences that we couldn’t achieve without our own set of wheels.

Road trips in a foreign country are easier than many people think, especially with Google Maps taking over the world. So hire that car and set off on your own epic road trip.


driving the skeleton coast namibia
Exploring life on the margins driving the Skeleton Coast

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Driving to Askja Caldera Iceland
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Historical Places in Turkey
8 most interesting ancient ruins in Western Turkey

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Driving in Turkey
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9 day in Morocco
Driving in Morocco – A classic road trip country

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Fascinating one month Mexico road trip

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