Intriguing Moorish History and Gambas Pil Pil – What we love about Spain.

Devoted to living the good life and having a nap in the middle of the day to achieve it, Spain is hedonistic travel at its finest. Where life moves slow, runs late and savours the moment. Where it’s still morning until you’ve had lunch at 3 pm, and the evening doesn’t start until at least 10 pm. No problem there, because the relaxed Spanish culture requires nothing of you until late the next afternoon. Unless you count idling by a golden beach with the Mediterranean sun beating down on you as you order una caña and marvel at a country that serves its beer cold.

But listen to a group of Spaniards talk over lunch and you’ll wonder what happened to this relaxed culture: extreme excitement, passion, arms waving, everyone talking at once. But this is a land of variety, where some of the finest Michelin starred chefs in the world, regularly eat in earthy tapas bars – usually standing – while everyone is shouting. Where timeless whitewashed villages dot the landscape and art, history and architecture buckle under the multitude of foreign influences. And where it’s fascinating history, feels like it’s only just getting started



Hiking El Pinsapar in Sierra de Grazalema, Andalucía
Complete Guide to hiking El Pinsapar trail in Sierra de Grazalema

All you need to know about the stunning 11km circular El Pinsapar hike through Spanish Fir trees in the Sierra de Grazalema Nature Reserve.

Pueblos blancos white villages of andulcia
5 best pueblos blancos of Andalucía & a blue one

Driving through the white villages of Andalucía is a great journey. Here is the perfect route to collect 5 of the best, and a blue one as well.

Hiking el Torreón in Sierra de Grazalema
Complete Guide to hiking El Torreón in Sierra de Grazalema

El Torreón is the highest peak in the stunning Sierra de Grazalema, with views over Andalucía, Gibraltar and even Africa. Here’s our complete guide.

3 days in seville itinerary
3 days in Seville itinerary – A perfect spring or fall break

In early spring or fall, Seville’s massive cathedral and stunning Alcázar are bathed in sun. Here's how to spend 3 days in Seville.

Garganta Verde Hike
Guide to hiking Garganta Verde in Andalucía

Garganta Verde is the best half-day hike in the Sierra de Grazalema Park in Andalucía. Here's how to do it and how to get the permit.

best things to do in Cádiz
Best things to do in Cádiz – Walk, drink, eat

The best things to do in Cádiz is not simply ticking of all the sights. Instead, we suggest, you just eat, drink and stroll the streets.

2 days in Cordoba Itinerary
2 days in Córdoba – Our complete itinerary

Here's how to spend 1 or 2 days in Córdoba, marvelling at the Mezquita-Catedral and strolling beautiful patio-filled streets.

Moorish sites in Córdoba Mezquita-Catedral, free things to do in Córdoba
Mezquita tickets & other free things to do in Córdoba

Córdoba allows you to see many of its sights for absolutely nothing. Here's our pick of the best free things to do in Córdoba.

moorish sites in cordoba
An Islamic Caliphate in the Moorish Sites of Córdoba

The Moorish sites in Córdoba tell the story of the only Islamic Caliphate to rule from western Europe; one that yearned for scientific advancement and spread knowledge across backward Christian empires.

Alcázar of the Christian Monarchs Patios of Córdoba
Palacio de Viana and the gorgeous patios of Córdoba

There are over 50 patios of Córdoba, tucked in alleyways and backstreets. Here is our pick of the patios you definitely should not miss.