Wild swimming in rivers, wildlife spotting on the oceans, kayaking fjords and of course, lazing by a beach.

Water can be alluring in all its forms. Perfectly still shimmering on a lake in the early morning light. Bubbling down a mountain stream, painting the landscape with lush green foliage. Crashing into coastal cliffs framing the sunset on the horizon.

Some of our favourite travel moments have a definite aqua theme: wildlife spotting in oceans, kayaking along fjords, snorkelling with dolphins in Kiakora, wild swimming in the cenotes and waterfalls of Mexico or hiking along the cliffs of the Robberg Peninsula in South Africa.

We’re not the type of people who can spend weeks at a time lazing on a beach. But a couple of days on a well-chosen beach in the middle of a slightly more adventurous holiday is a great way to break things up and slow things down.


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